Artist Bio


Chuck Renfroe

Chuck is a Vinings(Atlanta) resident and artist providing affordable commissioned paintings in acrylic & oils with emphasis on the people, pets and places that have emotional ties for his clientele. “It’s much more fulfilling for me to create a piece that portrays a favorite vacation scene, the old family beach house, or even Max the old family dog – rather than just painting a random landscape or bowl of fruit.”

Chuck and his wife, Jennifer, have three grown children plus one teenager attending Whitefield Academy.

He grew up in Texas before moving to Atlanta and forming his own ad agency for small business owners. Chuck’s specialty was producing visually creative ideas which may have been an outgrowth of his love for art and oil painting as a young man.

Today, Chuck is spending more time devoted to his painting and uses acrylics on canvas to create a light, informal style with emphasis on color and contrast.

While he doesn’t consider himself a true portrait artist, Chuck occasionally places caricatures of people into his scenes, “I’ve done a lot of father & son fishing or hunting trips which are very popular. I love to travel out west and camp, so I have more than a few paintings of my wife standing in front of a cactus.”

If you’d like more information on a custom painting by Chuck, please contact him at 404 eight 95 7983 or use the form below:


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